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Beth Saunders Associates
Practice Areas
  • Capacity Building
  • Development/Advancement
  • Volunteer Management
Issue Areas
  • Advocacy
  • Aging/Generational Issues
  • Agriculture, Food, Nutrition
  • Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy
  • Diversity/ Multiculturalism/Inclusion
  • Domestic Violence
  • Environment
  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans
  • Mental Health
  • Minority Populations/People of Color
  • Underserved Populations
  • Women's Issues
  • Youth Development
Arlington, MA (and beyond)
Beth is passionate about making missions happen. Through her consulting work Beth facilitates meaningful connections so that nonprofit organizations can be more effective in achieving the positive change they wish to create in the world. Beth’s interactive approach introduces nonprofit leaders to the fundamentals of designing an engagement strategy in a 3-step process.
(1) MAP a clear VISION with supporting GOALS that can be achieved through
(2) events and outreach that MOVE supporters through the MISSION, and
(3) MEASURE audience engagement using the ENGAGEMENT PYRAMID structure.

Beth Saunders Associates is a team of active listeners, strategic thinkers, and practical experts 100% committed to bringing engagement strategy and CRM technology solutions to social mission organizations with the goal of shifting from being tactical (task-oriented and events driven) to strategic (goals-oriented and mission-driven).
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